What's "Midori Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd." ?

Our company has performed business, such as investigation of public works, a design, and analysis, as a construction consultant from the first. In the experience, the equipment fixed with much trouble keenly realized appropriately employment and that maintenance management was not carried out.

The future time carried out maintenance management of the existing institution what rather than invested in equipment newly, and has started whether it applies for years.

We are the companies which propose you the maintenance management system of the dawning era by electronization, and contribute to society that it should correspond to the time of such maintenance management.



International field data transmission system.
If you use this system, you can watch field data on PC, iPad, and other mobile machine.

Watar level, Water temperature, Temperature, The humidity, The rainfall, Rain strength, The direction of the wind, The wind velocity, Quantity of sunlight, Still image, Animation, Radiation dose, and The data which are provided from a general-purpose measuring instrument...
You can get many kinds of data !

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If you want to get this SESAME system, please send an email to us.
Then, the password for downloading this software is taught to you.

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